Nails are one of the most important features of beauty & sophistication.

Foundational Nail Care

$ $24
Polish Change
$ $15
Toe Polish Change
$ $20
Men’s Manicure
$ $22
Men’s Pedicure
$ $35
Women's Pedicure
$ $35
French Manicure
$ $27
Gel Polish Manicure
$ $40
Gel Polish Removal (back to natural nail)
$ $20
Gel Pedicure
$ $45
Gel Full Set
$ $65
Gel Fill
$ $45
Gel Pink/ White Full Set
$ $80
Gel Pink/White Fill
$ $50

Spa Manicure

Our Spa Manicure invites you to take a journey from the ordinary manicure to an extraordinary spa experience. This Spa Manicure is a therapeutic option of the highest quality skin soothing moisturizers and advanced exfoliants. Relish, as hands are bathed, exfoliated, moisturized and massaged.

Spa Manicure
$ $35

Spa Pedicure

Bring the soothing rejuvenating touch of the sea to your feet with Spa Pedicure natural products, rich in marine alpha hydroxy acid complex. Choose from one of the following:

  • Sea Rocks – A softening, hydrating, cleansing aromo-therapeudic foot bath treatment.
  • Sea Scrub – An aromatic scrub designed to gently and effectively exfoliate rough dry skin with sand for abrasion, quartz for smoothing and five percent marine alpha hydroxy acids.
  • Sea Serum – An intensive alpha hydroxy acid callus treatment. Even the toughest calluses seem to disappear as protective ingredients soothe your sensitive skin.
  • Marine Masque – Menthol crystals and natural mineral clays provide long lasting cooling refreshment for your weary feet.
Spa Pedicure
$ $55